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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  November 4, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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>> yes. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. >> thanks for watching. from all of us, we'll see you again at 6:00. tonight on "world news" from washington, breakthrough about health and lung cancer. a new study shows cat scans can reduce death 20%. enough to bring one doctor to tears. power hit. you'll meet the man about to lead the house of representatives. what does john boehner tell us about taxes, jobs, the tea party, the president's face and what may take a glass of merlot. air scare. a white knuckle moment caught on tape. an engine on board the world's biggest plane rips apart. and, dancing into history. american dancers in an unlikely place. an extraordinary night last night.
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good evening. we are here in washington, d.c. where the 200-year-old capitol is bracing itself for the arrival of a brigade of new activists elected this week. and, by the way, they'll begin their term in this historic room. this is where members of the house of representatives will have their ceremonial swearing in, right in this place. and tonight, you'll hear my conversation with the man expected to play a giant role in american life as speaker of the house, john boehner. and, also, our abc news political team will be with us tonight with all the big news of the day from the white house to capitol hill. but we do want to turn first to that other big story. this one, medical. the report that shows one test can reduce the number of lives lost to lung cancer by 20%. it has riveted the medical community today, and everyone who knows some of the 157,000
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people who die from lung cancer each year. our chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser explains this new hope. >> reporter: it is a holy grail of modern medicine. the largest study ever of lung cancer screening out today provides a way to save lives. >> it showed there was decrease in deaths from lung cancer if you undergo ct screening. >> reporter: until now, early detection of lung cancer has been almost impossible. by the time a patient is symptomatic, it is usually too late to cure them. today's announcement was enough to bring tears to the eyes of dr. claudia henschke who has championed screening for more than 20 years. over the course of your career, you've taken a lot of hits, a lot of shots for your statements about the use of ct. >> but the feeling really is that i'm thrilled because of all the work we have put in was to save lives. >> reporter: by giving older, heavy smokers an annual low-dose ct scan, the smallest of tumors can be detected and surgically removed, providing a cure.
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the scan, which has the same exposure as a mammogram, provides detailed pictures of the lung. >> the person came back a year later and you see that there is something here. >> reporter: this white -- >> this white thing. maybe five millimeters. it's still very tiny. >> reporter: that tiny dot is now that larger -- >> yes, so it's clearly growing. >> reporter: one of the lives she saved was 84 year old leslie kingon. a 2007 scan found a tiny tumor in his lung. three years later, he is still cancer free. >> i've experienced my children's marriages. i've been able to experience my only grandchild, who i dearly love. >> reporter: you wouldn't have had that. >> i wouldn't have had that, no. >> reporter: and for the first time ever, the american cancer society may change their recommendations about screening for lung cancer. >> there is a possibility that the american cancer society will recommend this as a screening test in the near future. >> reporter: for years, there have been screening tests for other cancers.
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now, there may be one finally for lung cancer, the deadliest cancer of all. >> but rich, i know you said that doctors are worried about some counter intuitive possibility from this? >> reporter: that's right. one of the biggest concerns is that smokers will take this as a green light to continue smoking. the best way to prevent cancer deaths is to quit smoking or not start at all. >> i know all of us at abc news just wish peter jennings were here to report this story tonight. but thank you, richard besser. as we said, we are here in washington, where history meets the class of 2011. this is the rayburn room, where 92 members of congress will come to be sworn in. the president still reacting to that atomic political day and night on tuesday, and jake tapper is here, and joins us right now. jake? >> reporter: diane, president obama today announced he was inviting eight republican and democratic leaders of congress to the white house for meetings two weeks from tonight. in addition, they will have a dinner at the white house residence. but what's unclear is whether
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any true compromise can be on the menu. after a cabinet meeting this morning, the president seemed to plead for bipartisan compromise. >> we can't afford two years of just squabbling. >> reporter: the president's conciliatory tone was met by senate republican leader mitch mcconnell with defiance. >> the white house has a choice. they can change course, or they can double down on a vision of government that the american people have roundly rejected. >> reporter: the republican leader doubled downed on a controversial remark he'd made proclaiming it the top priority for republicans to ensure president obama is not re-elected in 2012. >> if our primary legislative goals are to repeal and replace the health spending bill, to end the bailouts, cut spending and shrink the size and scope of government, the only way to do all of those things is to put someone in the white house who won't veto any of these things. >> reporter: but white house officials today shrugged off republican threats and signaled
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the president may be open to a temporary extension of the bush tax cuts for the wealthy for one or two years, if that is the price of making sure the tax cuts on the middle class do not expire at the end of december. >> we have to act in order to assure that middle class families don't see a big tax spike because of how the bush tax cuts have been structured. >> reporter: the president has also talked about working with republicans on deficit reduction, education and earmark reform. but democrats and republicans seem to have completely different interpretations of the election results, diane. president obama thinking that the american people want b bipartisan compromiscompromise. republicans seem to think it means they want the obama agenda stopped, as john boehner indicated in his interview with you. >> that's right. you have to hear what he says tonight. as you said, jake, i spoke to the man whose gavel will, in a sense, be a kind of opening bell when the team of republican
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incumbents storm the capitol. men and women who will bring their new activism to the house floor, just steps from where i'm standing right now. and the man who will have to work with them as their leader is john boehner. you've been looking at the president's face. do you feel he got the message you felt you were sending? >> there seems to be some denial on the part of the president and other democratic leaders, the message that was sent by the american people. when you have the most historic election in over 60, 70 years, you would think that the other party would understand that the american people have clearly repudiated the policies that they put forward the last two years. >> reporter: and let me just get a sense on a few of these critical issues at this moment, where you stand. jobs. how many new jobs can you create and how soon? >> well, as a former small
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business person, i understand what's going on, i think, in the business community. and until the uncertainty starts to go away -- >> reporter: so how long will that take? until february of next year? will it take -- >> well, i'm hoping it can start yet this year. let's make sure we extend all of the current tax rates for all americans. that will begin to reduce the uncertainty. >> reporter: let me ask you about that. because, as you know, you've got 60 new members, at least, that identify with the tea party, and they've said they want permanent extension of the tax cut. permanent. you're going for permanent? >> i believe we should extend all of the tax rates for all americans. and the extent you can make them permanent, people have some idea of how to plan -- >> reporter: but if you extend it for one year, for two years, is that okay? would you do that? >> i don't think that eliminates the uncertainty that's preventing employers from hiring. >> reporter: are you saying permanent, as far as the eye can see, for all income groups? >> we're going to have this
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debate here in congress over the next couple of months. >> reporter: i'm going to try one more time. so you're not going to rule out some negotiated compromise? >> i am going to make it perfectly clear. i am for extending all of the current tax rates for all americans. >> reporter: i have to ask you about sarah palin because today she put out an ad which basically indicates that she, the party, the people she endorsed, are the ones to celebrate this victory and i'm just going to play a short excerpt of it. in case you didn't see it. >> this is our movement. this is our moment. this is our morning in america. we're going to stand up and we're going to speak out. and it may take some renegades going rogue to get us there. >> reporter: what do you think? >> welcome to a lot of new people being active in politics.
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you know, i've been to my fair share of tea party events over the course of the last year, i've been in over 100 congressional districts and talked to a lot of tea party activists along the way. and you'd really be surprised, most of them are the most normal, every day people you've ever met. none of them have ever been involved in the political process before. i think we as americans ought to welcome that participation. i think it's going to reinvigorate our democracy. and be a really good thing for the country. >> reporter: the tea party has said, we want a leadership post. members have said. will there be a tea party member in the leadership? and is michele bachmann your choice to be in that position? >> well, we have a lot of people who have announced their intention to run for a leadership post. these decisions are made by all the republican members of our conference. and who the members decide ought to be in their leadership is
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their decision. and i'm going to respect that decision. >> reporter: so, that says tea party? >> that says i want to make sure they represent the broad interest of all of our members. >> reporter: but it's fine with you, for sure? >> whoever the members elect, i'm going to serve with, and serve with successfully. >> reporter: i think your instinct says that you are no way going to answer my question. >> that would be correct. >> reporter: what about your counterpart, as we know? he issued a statement. "the most important thing we have to achieve is for barack obama to be a one-term president." do you agree? is that the most important thing you have to achieve -- >> that's senator mcconnell statement, in his opinion. i think the american people want us to focus on their message during the election, stop the spending. get rid of the uncertainty. let's get around to creating jobs again. >> reporter: i brought this with me. >> oh, yeah. i've seen that picture before.
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i'm the little brown one. >> reporter: 12 brothers and sisters in a two-bedroom house. >> it was -- it was -- it was exciting. every day. all day. but you know, my parents were -- they're the most easy going people that you've ever met. >> reporter: other lessons from your parents. you were telling me that you've never had any debt, any debt of any kind in your life? >> no. germans, you know? we're savers. we're not spenders. and, well, i wouldn't describe myself as a penny pincher. i don't mind spending money -- >> reporter: no mortgage -- >> no, no, no. i -- 15 years, paid it off and that was the end of that. no, i just -- debt is not something that has ever made me comfortable. and this national debt makes me very uncomfortable. >> reporter: do you think back ever to president obama over and over again invoking your name on the campaign trail?
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>> mr. boehner. >> mr. boehner. >> mr. boehner. >> mr. boehner. >> mr. boehner. >> the whole time the republicans have been standing on the sidelines. they've been fanning themselves, sipping on a slurpee. >> listen, it's politics. you know, when you get into the election season, there are a lot of things that get said, a lot of things thrown around. >> reporter: the president has extended an invitation to come, meet together. what's the first sentence you're going to say to him? >> hello. nice to see you. listen, i have no personal animosity at all towards the president. i get along well with him. >> reporter: a slurpee summit in the future? >> i don't know about a slurpee. how about a glass of merlot? >> so, look for wine, not slurpees ahead. jon karl is with us, and i understand you have news about the current speaker, nancy pelosi? >> fascinating development here. you know, in the wake of what happened, that shellacking that we saw, democrats suffer on tuesday, the expectation has
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been house speaker nancy pelosi, soon to be former speaker, would step down, turn over the leadership of the democrats in congress to somebody else. but i am told by people very close to the speaker that she is seriously considering running for minority leader in the new congress. she is talking to every single member that remains, all of the democrats that remain, and some of her closest supporters are telling her she should stay, she's the party's best fund-raiser, she would be the one to win them back the majority. thing is, a lot of the conservatives that are left, and there aren't many left, say no way, and they will challenge her. >> don't underestimate her determination. >> reporter: do not. would be a mistake. >> jon, good to see you. and still ahead on "world news," smoke and fear in the air. a jumbo jet's engine comes apart. it's caught on tape. and, pirouettes trying to dance across a huge divide. ♪
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♪ and i do [ pins fall ] grandma's my best friend. my best friend ever. my best friend ever. ♪ [ laughing ] [ boy laughs ] ♪ to know, know, know you after this we're gonna get ice cream. can we go get some ice cream? yeah. ♪ and i do ♪ and i do ♪ and i do and now, that harrowing flight for hundreds of people aboard the world's biggest plane today. the airbus 380 operated by qantas. something terrible happened to the engine. here's lisa stark. >> reporter: passengers could see a hole in the wing, ripped apart when the engine shredded. >> we have a technical issue with our number two engine. >> reporter: the super jumbo jet returned to singapore for an emergency landing with one of
5:48 pm
its engines in tatters. the airbus a-380, the largest and newest plane in the world was bound from singapore to sydney, australia, with 466 on board. the rolls royce engine, one of four, flew apart shortly after takeoff. passengers saw flames and smoke. >> we felt this loud thud. everybody was pretty shaken. >> reporter: pieces of the engine and wing rained down. this is called an uncontained engine failure, when parts of the engine fly out at high speed. those pieces can cause massive damage to the aircraft itself. engines are now designed and tested to try to prevent these catastrophic failures. this is the actual a-380 engine test. one of the fan blades is purposely broken while the engine is spinning at high speed. you can see the flaming debris. it is contained within that engine shell. that's how it's supposed to work. >> it looks from the pictures as if it's been the rear part of the engine which has failed.
5:49 pm
that means the combustion chambers or the turbine. and the turbine blades, if they failed that serious, because they have a lot of energy, when they come out of the engine. >> reporter: airlines that fly the a-380 have been ordered to inspect the engines. qantas has grounded its a-380 fleet, as the investigation continues. lisa stark, abc news, washington. and still ahead, panic in one of the poorest places on earth. now a hurricane on the way to haiti. equent heartburn protectin to the test for two weeks. [ diehl ] people think that we're indestructible, but if you're out there and you're feeling burning it's gonna affect the way that you play. [ herrera ] in my world either you get it done, or they're gonna find someone to get it done for you. [ diehl ] prilosec otc is the one thing i can count on to block my heartburn. prilosec otc is protecting me. [ male announcer ] take your own 14-day challenge. prilosec otc. heartburn gone, power on.
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there is confusion and anger in haiti tonight. the government urging a million earthquake survivors to leave the tent camps before a hurricane hits tomorrow. but many survivors are protesting evacuation, saying they fear they'll not be allowed back. and, a revelation tonight from former president george w. bush to oprah winfrey. she asked, why hasn't he joined the others, including his own vice president, in criticizing president obama? >> i'm through with politics and it's hard for people to believe, i already said that. i am through. >> is that why you haven't commented on what obama is doing
5:53 pm
or how he's doing it? >> no, because i want to treat my successor the way i would want to be treated. i don't think it's good for a former president to be out there opining on every darn issue. he's got a plenty tough job, trust me. he doesn't need me criticizing him. and i don't think it's good for the presidency. other people have a different point of view. >> and you can see oprah's full interview with george w. bush next tuesday on "the oprah winfrey show." still ahead, a night to remember. by using a broth with msg? swanson chicken broth has no added msg. so for a perfect holiday meal, the secret is swanson, 100% natural chicken broth. stuffing. the side dish that makes people take sides. take a stand at a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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and finally, a performance 50 years in the making. one that would have been illegal not too long ago. the american ballet theater live on stage in cuba. and with them, a small woman who danced across history, bridging a divide. jim sciutto is in havana. >> reporter: it hadn't happened in half a century. ♪ and wherever they go, half of cuba seems to turn out to welcome them. the main event -- a case of ballet diplomacy -- two dozen american dancers strutting their stuff, in a theater named after karl marx. their host is cuban dancer alicia alonso, one of the
5:57 pm
world's most famous ballerinas. she wowed audiences from the 1940s to the 1980s. these performances mark her 90th birthday. the whole event must be a fantastic birthday precept for you. >> it's the largest cake i ever had in my life. it's so beautiful to see that we speak the same language when we are on stage. >> reporter: ballet holds a very special place in cuban culture. rivaled probably only by baseball and jazz. so, if you were to pick a way to bring these two countries together, america and cuba, this would be it. people in the company kept saying to me, you're like ambassadors. >> there's probably no greater ambassador for humanity than music and dance. >> reporter: there have been the inevitable "cuban moments," blackouts during rehearsal. and the tickets, though just 80
5:58 pm
cents apiece, still too expensive for many cubans. do you believe that in your lifetime, you will see exchanges like this become normal? >> they have become normal. because how can you understand people if you don't meet each other? >> reporter: for one night, she and so many other people here had reason to hope. jim sciutto, abc news, havana. >> and, by the way, both castros, raul and fidel, are expected to take a look at that performance. they're both ballet fans. that wraps it up for us here in washington, d.c. on this amazing week, and we'll see you to tens of thousands of uncounted ballots remain. tonight the race that hangs in the balance. >> who will take over when san francisco's mayor becomes california's lieutenant governor. the battle lines being drawn tonight at city hall. >> downtown oakland preparing
5:59 pm
for the possibility of trouble. why many merchants are boarding up business autos why the most-valuable player of the world series may not return to the giants dugout next year. >> good evening, a very close congressional race is still undecided tonight. >> the incumbent has a razor thin lead. here is a look at latest numbers. mcnerny is head of david harmer by just 134 votes. >> abc 7's mark matthews is here with the latest on the continuing and mark, remarkably close vote count. >> we're going to take a look in just a moment. the republican led all night long tuesday night and into wednesday morning. right up until the sun came up. when jerry mcnerny came up as well. there is part of 170,000 votes counted so far the secretary of state


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